Jim and Sheila, Kent (Olive Leaf)

we are absolutely delighted with the Sculpture. It fits pefectly the criteria that we (and the garden designer) had for that space. It has transformed the garden into something quite magical. Just watching the colours of the shrub foliage reflected in the leaves is wonderfuland very calming. This morning I watched the raindrops meandering down the leaves-truly mesmerising.

Already we have had some very positive feedmack from neighbours.

Thank you so much for the sculpture and installation. Jim really enjoyed playing a small part in the installation and we both enjoyed having you here.

Please keep up the good work that you are doing. It is very impressive and gives people so much pleasure.

Bill and Helen, Sheffield (Large Magnolia)

It was a great day for us all and we enjoyed the process as much as it seems you did too. We are very pleased with the result of David’s hard work and of course we will drop in if we are passing. I am sorry that my chest was not good that day otherwise I would have been more involved in the process. If you are passing and fancy a cuppa then do also drop in. Also if you need more pictures please do not hesitate to let us know and of course you can come and visit to look at it anytime and we could perhaps visit the sculpture park as well. Bill and Helen.

Sarah, Belfast

We have found the final resting place for Annie’s Oak Leaves, at the front of her house between the weeping copper beech tree and the three pillar cherries. It is virtually flat and they look magnificent, adding strength to the house. Annie is delighted.

My Sycamore Cloud is a continuing source of wonder and delight, though it has given me a shock on a couple of occasions, when I haven’t been thinking! We have had strong winds and it moves majestically, almost calmly, regardless of the force. It makes us all smile.

Please do keep in touch and if you are ever over again, you know where we are. Best Wishes, Sarah

Ralph and Pat, Lincolnshire

Dear David, We hope you had a good journey home.  We are absolutely delighted with the sculpture and feel it fits in wonderfully well in the position we placed it.  I am so pleased you brought it personally and used your expertise to make sure it was all fitted correctly.  It seems to be in almost continual motion and we could gaze at it for ages, it is unbelievably fascinating watching all the different angles of the leaves.

We have already had considerable admiration and there may well be another order in the pipe line.As I mentioned you are most welcome to bring your family to visit and have a farm tour.
With kind regard and very best wishes, Ralph and Pat

Paul, County Durham

The sculpture is really beautiful, and we are so happy with it; it is a perfect setting and quite mesmeric – we can spend ages just watching it!  Every good wish for Christmas to you, too. Paul

Paolo, Guilford

Greetings from Wroclaw. And apologies for my slow response due to pressure of work.
The Gate Finials look amazing, and match the “industrial” look of the entrance brilliantly.
If I can help with any form of reference ever, please do not hesitate to ask. All the best, Paolo

Dawn, Hampshire (Kinetic Seed Sculpture)

We are both so pleased with our sculpture & can’t stop watching it spin & twist, it is mesmerising. Best Regards Dawn

Andrew, Glocestershire (Sycamore Seed Sculpture)

We are very pleased with the new sculpture which has attracted much interest and positive comment from our neighbours and the walkers using the public footpath. It was a pleasure to meet you and please do keep in touch. Andrew.

Annie, Belfast

The half apple has arrived, has been unpacked and installed and you have made an old lady very happy. I will try to attach a couple of photos. It looks perfect and the whole family is delighted. Thank you. Annie.

Sir John Aird, Cotswolds

Dear David.
Your Magnolia leaf Kinetic Sculpture is a great success. I admire it every time I look through the Kitchen Window.
It moves at a similar leisurely speed in random directions however strong or weak is the wind.
Thank you.